I am a professional copywriter, web designer by hobby, former pastry chef and cake decorator, military spouse and prospective PhD candidate. I have my B.A in Psychology and Japanese from Hawaii and my M.A. in Forensic Psychology. In December 2011 I underwent upper and lower jaw surgery to correct an open-bite and I documented my experience, along with over 1000 hours of personal research, to create the Jaw Recovery Playbook – which I plan to make into the most comprehensive resource available for jaw surgery patients, their caregivers, and their surgeons.

I am “Mum” to three dogs, including Atom – a 3lb. Black Pomeranian with his own blog “Just Atom”. I am the oldest of 5 siblings. I am an Independent Beachbody Coach. And, among other things, I am working on what I hope will become my first novel in a proposed series.

“Japanese w/ Sasha” is a resource blog. I started studying Japanese when I was 11-years-old and I continued on and off for many years. (I’ll be 31 this year!!!) I then double-majored in Japanese and Psychology at the University of Hawaii but was forced to settle for a Minor in Japanese. We were moving and I didn’t have time to complete 3 more Japanese classes to satisfy the major…

I have a RIDICULOUS amount of Japanese notes, resources, study materials and advice that may benefit other language-learners. I will try to organize the blog posts here in short, to the point, easy to read and follow styles. I will write about grammar, vocabulary, Kanji and other language topics, but I will also write reviews of the books and resources I have tried, own, and use.

I welcome requests for posts, and questions from Japanese language-learners. I also welcome advice from native and fluent speakers, and recommendations from others for products, books, and resources that I might find useful or worth mentioning for other language-learners to try.

My Japanese-language level fluctuates between JLPT 1 and 3…. of the new 5-level version. I rarely get to speak Japanese since leaving Hawaii, but I regularly listen to NHK news and J-dramas without trouble. I struggle to express my own thoughts and feelings in Japanese, but not always. I guess I have good days and bad (^-^)v

I may attempt some Japanese-language posts but they will always include the English for those who are not at that level. Mostly, though, I will write in English to ensure my fellow Japanese language-learners can understand easily.


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